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Hutaree as apocalyptic group?

March 31, 2010

There’s no way to keep up with all the End of the World groups; so I had never heard of the Hutaree in Michigan until they were arrested by the FBI.  Whether or not they intended to start a revolution by killing police officers is a matter for the courts to decide.  However, several reports have said that they are an apocalyptic group, building a cache of arms and supplies to fight and survive Armageddon.

So, I started with their website, to see what they said about themselves.  The main page says they are “preparing for the end time battles to keep the name of Christ alive”.   Their Doctrine is based on the parable of the wise and foolish virgins.  They are the ones who have enough oil [guns and supplies] to await the second coming.  This indicates that they don’t have any specific date for the End.  In my REAL HISTORY OF THE END OF THE WORLD, the Hutaree would be considered pre-millennial.

In their “about us” page, they state that Huttaree means “Christian Warrior”.  The derivation is unclear.  The gist of the page is that they are soldiers prepared to fight in the last battles.  Of course, their consistent mis-use of the apostrophe may actually be a hidden code to those in the know that provides more information.  Other links indicate that they are more interested in government oppression than religion.  They seem to base some of their beliefs on a 2006 document by a John Reynolds that states that Dr. Javier Solana, former head of NATO, who is very much involved in the Western European Union, is the Antichrist..  Reynolds bases this belief on a variety of facts, some inaccurate.  For instance, he is sure that the Roman Empire has been reborn with the Union because the ten countries in it [read, ten horns of the beast, from the book of Daniel] were all once part of Rome.  However, only nine were; Germany was never conquered by Rome.  This is a quibble but there are many more things that are flimsy, even for believers, such as the words Javier and Solana each having six letters.

The Beast page of the Hutaree site is one of the strangest, ending with a list of 666 jokes such as “$566.60: the price of the Beast at Costco” or “666 x sq. rt. (-1): the imaginary number of the beast”  or “668 – next door neighbor of the beast”.  It’s nice to know that an apocalyptic militia can have a sense of humor. (?)

There are also You-tube videos of the Hutaree on training exercises.  These, as several in the media have said, look like play acting, rather than serious preparation.

My conclusion, from what I could find, is that the Hutaree are people who have little to do with Christianity or apocalyptic beliefs.  They are not so much interested in the Second Coming or salvation as they are in waging a war against their personal enemies.  They are definitely anti-Semitic, including both Muslims and Jews, and they join with similar militia groups in fearing the European Union and globalization in general.   From reading their manifesto and the postings to the open message forum on their site, they seem to be confused and fearful of change.  The organization of the Hutaree seems to be their way of hiding from the world.  There is certainly no sense of real religious fervor in anything they wrote.  In many ways, they are rather sad.

In my book, they would only have a footnote.

More than in the books

March 12, 2010

THE REAL HISTORY OF THE END OF THE WORLD will be out on April 6, 2010.   In it I talk about how people have viewed the End for the past 5000 years or so.  As you might imagine, there were a lot more theories about the End than I could put in the book.  So I decided to start a blog to add in people and ideas that I didn’t have room for.  I also want to post updates on that (last warnings?) and a lot of the medieval subjects that interest me.  Since I firmly believe that there either never was a Middle Ages or that we are still in them, that gives me a lot of scope for comment.

I am also hoping that others will add their thoughts.    One thing I can say at the start is that so far,   all predictions as to a date for the End have been wrong.    I will add more information on other movements.  For instance, did you know that Lady Eleanor Davies was more often correct in her prophecies than Nostradamus?   He just got more press.

I think my next rant will be on the “documentary” about the guy who went hiking on a remote Pacific island and decided a rock formation was a Mayan ruin built as the prime spot for viewing the end of the 13th baktun.

Feel free to join in!   Sharan