More than in the books

THE REAL HISTORY OF THE END OF THE WORLD will be out on April 6, 2010.   In it I talk about how people have viewed the End for the past 5000 years or so.  As you might imagine, there were a lot more theories about the End than I could put in the book.  So I decided to start a blog to add in people and ideas that I didn’t have room for.  I also want to post updates on that (last warnings?) and a lot of the medieval subjects that interest me.  Since I firmly believe that there either never was a Middle Ages or that we are still in them, that gives me a lot of scope for comment.

I am also hoping that others will add their thoughts.    One thing I can say at the start is that so far,   all predictions as to a date for the End have been wrong.    I will add more information on other movements.  For instance, did you know that Lady Eleanor Davies was more often correct in her prophecies than Nostradamus?   He just got more press.

I think my next rant will be on the “documentary” about the guy who went hiking on a remote Pacific island and decided a rock formation was a Mayan ruin built as the prime spot for viewing the end of the 13th baktun.

Feel free to join in!   Sharan


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One Response to “More than in the books”

  1. T. L. Cooper Says:

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the topic. This promises to be an interesting blog!

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