The End on the Road

Greetings from Omaha, where I’m attending the Mayhem in the Midlands mystery convention.  Interestingly, when I tell people here about this book, they respond with tales of Nebraska weather.   Perhaps the Great Plains are a harbinger of disasters to come?  The roads outside of Omaha look very much like the cover of my book.

One thing I’ve discovered is that people can find signs of the End everywhere if that’s what they are looking for.  Just as history can be viewed as full of signs that show “proof” of alien intervention.  By this logic the oil spill in the Gulf  is due to people using alien technology without understanding it.  The volcano in Guatemala is either a sign of the End or, along with the oil, a sign that Nature is getting really peeved with humanity.   It is true that some of the most popular apocalyptic movements have been helped with a well-timed disaster.  I’ll be interested in seeing if new apocalypse groups are formed from these disasters or if everything that happens will just be attached to the 2012 prediction.  So many things have aready been added that the original calendar and the logic behind it have pretty much been lost.  

That’s all for now.  I may go out later to have a look out for tornados or a rain of frogs.  Let me know if anything equally apocalyptic happens in your neighborhood.


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