Ready for the Rapture?

My facebook page friends have been discussing Signs and Portents of the End.   As I noted in an earlier post, the news that the Rapture is prophesied for May 21, 2011, is spreading.  Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, revolutions, tsunami, volcanoes, bookstores closing!  It does look suspicious to me.   However, I’ve been reading Matthew of Edessa, who wrote in the 1150s and, except for the bookstores, he cites the very same signs!  He even adds the invasion of the Turk, Zengi, who conquered Matthew’s home.  Poor Matthew was very disappointed that God didn’t come through and divide the sheep from the goats, or even the Orthodox Christians from the heretics.

But that doesn’t mean we should get complacent.  And, if the Rapture doesn’t come on May 21, we still have another chance on Dec. 21, 2012!  So don’t give up hope.  As this picture, kindly provided by the Bible Society, shows, Ascension robes will one day come in handy.The Rapture in Dallas


3 Responses to “Ready for the Rapture?”

  1. deborahadams Says:

    I’m using your Real History of the End of the World as an instruction manual, so I feel that I am almost ready for The End. One question, though — why don’t you offer ascension robes for sale on your website? That’s the only thing I’m still lacking in my Rapture Travel Bag.

    • sharan Says:

      Well, by the time I got the site up, you’d have already ascended. However, my suggestion would be to get a nice white sheet (not the fitted kind, unless you want to be really chic) cut a hole in the middle and stitch the sides up 3/4 of the way. I recommend at least a 500 thread sheet for warmth and perhaps pantaloons for modesty and to protect against the draft. What else are you taking?

  2. Keith S. Franz Says:

    I recommend that you go to the site: where you can find a great ascension robe already made and waiting for the Big Day.

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