Super-Pac Me

I haven’t posted on my senatorial campaign for a while.  Part of me has been rethinking it.  Even for a pension and health care, do I really want to hang out with politicians for a whole six years?  How badly do I need a secure income?  Writing is such an exciting profession.  Random paychecks are always a nice surprise.

Then it occurred to me.  Super pacs are giving millions to candidates, apparently anonymously.  This means that the donors can’t ask the person elected to do them favors, right?  And, if the candidate loses, she doesn’t have to give the money back. Reminds me of the plot of “The Producers”.  OK!!  Hey, I think just one million would keep me for the rest of my life, if I budget carefully.  That’s nothing compared to what most campaigns are raking in.  If I lose, I’ll go quietly and someone else can take my place in the next election.  If I win, I suppose I’ll have to go to Washington.  Of course, the grammar police will be at the top of my agenda, starting with my colleagues.  After that, I think I’ll lobby to re-institute a medieval economic system, where the 1% at the top is considered responsible for the care and feeding of all the people in the area they govern.  Image


Actually, if the super pac money went to charity, schools  (and me)  the economy would improve and there would be educated taxpayers in the next generation.  Just as good, I’ve worked out that with the money the presidential pacs have made, they could just send $10.00 to each person in America, buying our votes honestly, like in the good old days.

Thank you for your support.
So, where’s my super pac?


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