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Oh Dear, I’m Going to Miss the Rapture Again

October 21, 2014

Just when I thought that the apocalypse had already happened and no one had caught on, I got a flyer in the mail that reaffirmed my faith in prognosticators and prophets. “IS THE END NEAR?” it asks. “Find out Friday, October 24.”

prophecy-signs_15Look familiar?  They seem to have read my book, at least.

Darn. I’m going to be in Indianapolis on the 24th, attending the Magna Cum Murder mystery convention. I’ll miss my chance to get the date. Of course, it’s a five night seminar, including a section on how to unmask the Antichrist, a skill that I think would be most useful.  However, if I go to seven nights I get a free DVD. Does that mean there are two nights that are secret, only for the Saved? Or does it mean that I need to sit in a hall with nothing happening in the hope that the DVD will fall from heaven?

I am doomed to ignorance. If anyone else finds the answers, please let me know.

On another eschatological note, I have heard some people say that ISIS etc. is apocalyptic. That’s not correct. For one thing, in Islam (Christianity, too, actually) it’s blasphemy to try to predict God’s plan. For another, this group wants to establish a Caliphate that, like the Third Reich, will last a thousand years. I’ll write more on them on my other blog, Cassandra. It’s taking me a long time to put it together. I keep wasting time checking my sources. If I worked from ignorance, like politicians do, I could get it done much sooner.

Still, there do seem to be Signs everywhere. I don’t rush to Revelations to see if everything that happens will release a seal, but I suspect that the people here in Aleppo wouldn’t need much convincing that the End of the World is nigh.APTOPIX Mideast Syria