An interim interview

While I’m trying to decide which terrorist to write about next, here is a very nice discussion I had recently with Candace Robb on her WordPress website.

Now, which do you think, the Koch brothers

Koch brothers

….or the Saudi Royal family?


They both are only know on the surface to most people and both scare me equally.


3 Responses to “An interim interview”

  1. Sharan Newman Says:

    “known” not “know”. I can’t edit myself.

  2. Edward Nelson Says:

    It is great to hear from you. It is far too long. That brief interview is nice and insightful. Now I have another book of yours to read….
    It is interesting that you can find much equivalence between a royal family running an nation of over 30 million, composed of many hundreds of players who impose strict Wahabi law by fiat and command a substantial military force not to mention personal combined networth in excess of $100 billion with a US family dominated domestic company that has to live within the law and supports causes as diverse as PBS science shows and libertarian political causes. Certainly Soros, with his murky WWII roots in Eastern Europe and exposure to Nazis,and the endless front groups he funds to influence politics not to mention how he has manipulated currencies around the globe to his profit, and is a convicted criminal in France would at least be a candidate.

  3. Sharan Newman Says:

    Well, I haven’t finished my research yet, but there are some striking similarities between the two families. I know little about George Soros but will check on him, as well. I will use footnotes when I post again so you can check the sources. Thanks.

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