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Did you miss the rapture?

December 3, 2012

I know we have almost three weeks until the Mayan calendar (one of them, anyway) ends and the galactic Death Ray will disintegrate the earth etc. but one group has already vanished, the True Believer cows!

Cow clicker inventor, Ian Bogost, informed me of this.  While humans are still waiting to be raptured up, the cows have made their getaway, rather like the dolphins in Douglas Adams’ SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH.  I’m so pleases that someone else is taking the matter as seriously as I am.


For all of you who were worried about there being milk, cheese and hamburgers in Heaven, relax.  You can count on the Holy Cow to provide for you.  The rest of us will have to make do with products from heretical cows, slightly curdled, no doubt.   But that’s what happens on the edge of oblivion.  More to come….


Weathering the Apocalypse in France? What a Great Idea!

November 26, 2012


I’ve spent a lot of time in the back country of Southern France.  I even drove up to Rennes-le-Chateau for my book on the Da Vinci Code,   but even when I was researching THE REAL HISTORY OF THE END OF THE WORLD, I totally missed the news about the town of Bugarach (really) apparently known as being a psychic vortex and, when the world ends, will be the only place spared.  It seems, from the articles I’ve read, that the people who survive will largely be reporters.  This should make the post-apocalyptic world interesting.   For those who, like me, have missed this, here is a link from The Guardian:
I have radio interviews right up to Dec. 21, so I suppose that I’ll miss this one.  However, the nice thing about predicting the End is that there is always another coming up.

The Next harmonic Convergence is coming!

November 13, 2012

How could I forget the Harmonic Convergence?  It‘s such a popular New Age way for the End to begin.


The first observance of the Harmonic  Convergence was on Aug. 16, 1987.  This was thought to be the convergence  “of a number of planets in Leo that trines Jupiter in Aries, and also trines Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. This event initiates a spiritual humanity factor and mother Earth, which restores Mother Earth’s’ identity and spiritual nature as we converge harmonically in a major unification of souls with purpose on this planet.”

Got that?  A lot of people went to high places, like Mt. Shasta and Mt. Tamalpais in California and Sedona in  Arizona.  A friend who ran a vegetarian restaurant in Sedona at the time said that week was the best business she ever did as people didn’t want to ascend with meat in their stomachs.  Once again, the masses waiting for the End were disappointed.

BUT it turns out that the problem was that the 1987 convergence was just the beginning of 26 years of signs that were meant to prepare us for the REAL convergence that will happen, you guessed it,  on Dec. 12, 2012!!!

Many websites are now explaining this

“The conclusion of the Ninth Hell refers to the release of humanity into the
26-year time zone of free will, choice and decision in preparation for
the completion of the cycle, 2012, and the galactic synchronization,
2013. The full and true Harmonic Convergence until the earth itself becomes Galactic Seed, 2013”

Becoming Galactic Seed sounds uncomfortable to me, but the following site explains how to prepare for the time when bad people are removed.  Maybe they are the “bad seed”.

Part of the new convergence will be three days of darkness to rid the earth of dark living beings and will be accomplished by the usual method, putting a space craft in front of the sun.  But this site lets you know how to survive. 

“We have arranged that electricity will not function, so consider that in your preparations. The day times will not be as dark as night, just mid-twilight is to be expected, there is some light released around the eclipsed area.” 


Youtube has many warnings and suggestions on how to pass through the culmination of the 26 years of transition which climaxes on Dec. 21, 2012.  Here are a few:

“On December 21, 2012 when the Earth moves fully into the photon belt and the solstice sun is in alignment with the Galactic equator will you be ready for lift off, Into a state of heart centred multi~dimensionality…”

Before lifting off, please be sure you aren’t in a room with a low ceiling.  This site will also let you check on the state of you chakra in advance.

You may also want to meditate on the upcoming change.  It will help if you fixate on this image.


In case you find this hard to understand, the following video explains “The planets in our solar system are raising their vibrations right now. These planets are making preparations for the transformational shift to occur in the upcoming years culminating in 2012. This is proof that the shift is already happening” 

I didn’t find any place to get a planetary vibration sensor but obviously those who did the experiments have one.  This video suggests getting rid of negative people in your life so they won’t impede the ascension.  Good advice.





On the Edge of the End and Would You Mind?

September 14, 2012

For my next book, I’ve been researching the early years in the Crusader Kingdoms (1099-1162)  A number of people thought that the Christian conquest of Jerusalem was the beginning of the End of the World.  Some of the Western Christians certainly were hoping for that, but not the ones who settled there.  At least one Armenian, Matthew of Edessa, wrote a treatise about how all the invasions by Turks, Christians and Greeks clearly presaged the end.   It’s been interesting, but all too familiar.

I’m very surprised that I haven’t heard anything in the past few weeks about new prophecies.  Even the Mayans haven’t been getting much attention.  Maybe it’s too obvious that we are on the brink?  Iran will blow us up or someone else will.  The climate will make the seas boil, very Biblical that.  There will be class warfare and we’ll have another wholesale bloodbath of the very rich, as in the French Revolution, followed by anarchy.  And, of course, there’s the serious zombie threat.

I’m beginning to realize why apocalyptic theories are so popular.  Even after writing a whole book on them, I couldn’t get my mind around the reason why so many people really liked to think that we were all going to go ‘poof!’ very soon.

The way things are going now, with what seems to me to be collective global insanity, a nice total flood or earth- destroying asteroid sounds positively like a relief.

But, in case that isn’t in the offing, what should we do to restore, or perhaps establish, a world where reason has a voice at last?

Pilgrims, Apocalypse, Churchill, Fleming and myths that won’t die

November 25, 2011


A few days ago a friend sent me an inspiring story about how the young Winston Churchill was saved from drowning by the father of Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.  As a reward, Churchill’s father sent young Alexander to medical school.  In 1943 Church was ill and saved by a dose of penicillin.  My bs radar immediately went off.  So I checked and the story has no basis in fact at all.  What is amazing is that this story has been around for decades despite the fact that it is easy to disprove.  There are several sites that give the story and the reality behind it.  The one I used was


Was not saved by Fleming's father.

paid his own way through medical school

So, what does this have to do with the Pilgrims — Puritans, actually?   Well, despite lots of research by historians, the records of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and plain old common sense, we still have an image of the First Thanksgiving as a wonderful, squdgy time of friendship and sharing between the English settlers and the Native Americans. It’s an idea of a Golden Age that we somehow have lost, an era of abundance and brotherhood.  And the thing that I still have trouble with is, even though most of us know that this is a myth, we cling to it anyway.   When the first settlers were starving, they stole from the Indians rather than trade.

And now we come to the Apocalypse. I didn’t know about this until I was researching THE REAL HISTORY OF THE END OF THE WORLD.   I knew that the Puritans were Calvinist Protestants who came, according to my schoolteachers, for religious freedom.  What I was ignorant of was that many of them were part of a sect that believed the end of the world was near.  They had come to America to prepare for it.  Converting the natives was part of this belief although some thought that the Indians were in league with demons.

After the Mayflower landed, word came that King Charles I had been overthrown and that England was now a Puritan theocracy.  Some of those who had left England returned to take part in this new society.  They were among those who, by a complex twist of logic and Biblical interpretation, believed that England was the new Jerusalem and that this was where Jesus would arrive at the Second Coming.   For other arcane reasons (see my post on the End in October) 1666 was considered the date for the event.

When the end didn’t come and Charles II did, the American Puritans put their faith in their new colony.   Within a few decades they were expelling dissidents and hanging women for witchcraft.

pilgrims meeting the local neighbors.

Not as much good will and mutual respect as we were taught.

Again, most of us know about the downside of the story of the Pilgrims and how that made a deep impression on the country for generations.  And yet, we still cherish the warm, fuzzy, inaccurate memory of the first Thanksgiving.   I really can’t understand this and it fascinates me.  I’m beginning to fear that I need to go back for a degree in behavioral psychology.

ps.  Looking at the list of how many times my posts have been read, I realize that by far the most popular was the one on chastity belts.   No comment.

End of the World Tomorrow, April 6, 2010

April 5, 2010

The Real History of the End of the World, Sharan Newman,

Sharan Newman, Berkley Book

OK, the world probably won’t end on Tuesday.  I’d rather it didn’t since I’m interested in what people think of my take on the subject.  I cover theories and predictions from Gilgamesh, through the Chinese, Hindus, Maya and others as well as the three related scenarios in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  I also discuss the hoopla around the year 2012.  Let me know your feelings on the matter.

Hutaree as apocalyptic group?

March 31, 2010

There’s no way to keep up with all the End of the World groups; so I had never heard of the Hutaree in Michigan until they were arrested by the FBI.  Whether or not they intended to start a revolution by killing police officers is a matter for the courts to decide.  However, several reports have said that they are an apocalyptic group, building a cache of arms and supplies to fight and survive Armageddon.

So, I started with their website, to see what they said about themselves.  The main page says they are “preparing for the end time battles to keep the name of Christ alive”.   Their Doctrine is based on the parable of the wise and foolish virgins.  They are the ones who have enough oil [guns and supplies] to await the second coming.  This indicates that they don’t have any specific date for the End.  In my REAL HISTORY OF THE END OF THE WORLD, the Hutaree would be considered pre-millennial.

In their “about us” page, they state that Huttaree means “Christian Warrior”.  The derivation is unclear.  The gist of the page is that they are soldiers prepared to fight in the last battles.  Of course, their consistent mis-use of the apostrophe may actually be a hidden code to those in the know that provides more information.  Other links indicate that they are more interested in government oppression than religion.  They seem to base some of their beliefs on a 2006 document by a John Reynolds that states that Dr. Javier Solana, former head of NATO, who is very much involved in the Western European Union, is the Antichrist..  Reynolds bases this belief on a variety of facts, some inaccurate.  For instance, he is sure that the Roman Empire has been reborn with the Union because the ten countries in it [read, ten horns of the beast, from the book of Daniel] were all once part of Rome.  However, only nine were; Germany was never conquered by Rome.  This is a quibble but there are many more things that are flimsy, even for believers, such as the words Javier and Solana each having six letters.

The Beast page of the Hutaree site is one of the strangest, ending with a list of 666 jokes such as “$566.60: the price of the Beast at Costco” or “666 x sq. rt. (-1): the imaginary number of the beast”  or “668 – next door neighbor of the beast”.  It’s nice to know that an apocalyptic militia can have a sense of humor. (?)

There are also You-tube videos of the Hutaree on training exercises.  These, as several in the media have said, look like play acting, rather than serious preparation.

My conclusion, from what I could find, is that the Hutaree are people who have little to do with Christianity or apocalyptic beliefs.  They are not so much interested in the Second Coming or salvation as they are in waging a war against their personal enemies.  They are definitely anti-Semitic, including both Muslims and Jews, and they join with similar militia groups in fearing the European Union and globalization in general.   From reading their manifesto and the postings to the open message forum on their site, they seem to be confused and fearful of change.  The organization of the Hutaree seems to be their way of hiding from the world.  There is certainly no sense of real religious fervor in anything they wrote.  In many ways, they are rather sad.

In my book, they would only have a footnote.